About TICA

Thailand International Cooperation Agency (TICA) is a department under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Thailand. We are the national focal point for international development cooperation with development partners and other developing countries around the world. We work with both developed and developing countries, international organizations and a wide range of partners from different sectors of society such as universities and civil society.


TICA’s mission is to promote sustainable socio-economic development through sharing of knowledge and best practices. Our guiding principles now are Sufficiency Economy Philosophy (SEP) and, of course, the 2030 Agenda of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In implementing our projects, these two concepts are incorporated into our work.

Various forms & modalities cooperation

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We offer almost 1,000 short-term training and postgraduate scholarships every year

to participants from developing and less developed partners through the Thailand International Postgraduate Program (TIPP) and the Annual International Training Course (AITC) which are open to applicants from both the government and private sectors nominated by their governments. In addition, more training and scholarship opportunities are available through our bilateral and triangular frameworks with our development partners.

About Human Resources Development Cooperation Division (HRD)

Human resources are widely identified as the most valuable assets of every country and contribute to its socio-economic progress and prosperity.Therefore, developing human capital is key for its future. TICA is committed to sharing Thailand’s knowledge and experiences and with other developing counties to help them achieve sustainable growth and competitiveness through human resources development cooperation. In doing so, we utilize Thailand’s expertise and knowledge gained from working with our former development partners in the past.
Every year, the Human Resources Development Cooperation Division organizes various capacity-building programmes for our developing country’s partners follow below
where TICA and other development partners share the cost of training or activities for participants from other developing countries such as Third Country Training Program (TCTP) and Thai-Swedish Trilateral Development Cooperation Programme, etc.
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Alumni Testimonials

Participants’ experiences through the courses

"I’am glad to be in Thailand and thank you very much TICA and NIDA to give me the opportunities to take the course on the best available techniques and best available environmental practices, particularly for Industrial Boilers. It is had been a three-great-weeks at NIDA."
Domisano Owor
"I can tell you about all experiences is that I really learnt from all of the people we met, the colleagues, the professors and TICA. I very happy because I went to this city to see wonderful building, to learn technology to have all opportunities for me in Bangkok, it’s really really a wonderful place. Here I learn about the climate change and energy efficiency, so we prepare for our people to make the best, Khob Khun Krab"
Erick Enrique Agrazai Adames
"I learn so much from this course and learn about energy efficiency, climate change and conservation. From the field visit tho, we make new friends and get in to explore Thailand. It’s been a very wonderful trip. I look forward to making use of knowledge after I go back home, sharing knowledge and hopefully trying to make this field a bit wider. Thank you so much again for opportunity."
Shantharath Ahmed