Practical Sustainable Technology as a Tool to Tackle the Climate Change

Thailand International Cooperation Agency (TICA), in cooperation with the Faculty of Engineering, Chiang Mai University, organized an international training course on “Practical Sustainable Technology as a Tool to Tackle the Climate Change” during 18 – 27 April 2022 via an online platform. Participants who attend the course not less than 80% and received an E-certificate were 32 participants from 14 countries (Cambodia, Guyana, Tajikistan, Pakistan, Nigeria, the Philippines, Mozambique, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Uganda, Ecuador, Egypt, Iraq and Iran). Organized under TICA’s Annual International Training Course or AITC framework, this course aims to exchange the situation in different countries in tackling climate change, to disseminate knowledge regarding techniques and technologies required for achieving sustainable development emphasizing using the environmental engineering approach and to initiate a collaboration network across countries for circumventing impacts of the climate change.