Sufficiency Economy Philosophy in Education for Sustainability (SEP-EDS)

Thailand International Cooperation Agency (TICA), in cooperation with the National Institute of Development Administration (NIDA), organized an international training course on “Sufficiency Economy Philosophy in Education for Sustainability (SEP-EDS)” during 7 – 9, 14 – 16, 21 – 22 June 2022 via an online platform. Participants who attend the course not less than 80% and received an E-certificate were 20 participants from 9 countries (Bhutan, Cambodia, Egypt, Mauritius, Oman, Pakistan, the Philippines, Uganda and Indonesia). Organized under TICA’s Annual International Training Course or AITC framework, this course aims to provide the participants with an understanding of the Sufficiency Economy Philosophy or SEP concept and how SEP can help realize the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and how to devise sustainability actions and activities in schools from the start to the scaling-up stage. Also sharing Thailand’s experiences in promoting sustainability among young people by cultivating a SEP mindset at an early age.